What does FAQ's stand for? 

Frequently asked questions! Here we will provide some insight to some questions you may have. 

Can I provide my own materials? 

As a general policy the answer is no. We make some exceptions for handcrafted materials, However this circumstance is limited and carries with it no workmanship warranties. We provide all necessary materials to ensure that all material quantities are correct and up to our quality standards. We work closely with vendors who use the best storage and handling practices to guarantee the quality of our materials. This is just one of the many ways we are able to deliver professional results, every time. 

Can I provide my own Engineering / Plans? 

Yes! In fact we love it when our clients have a plan! However, the plans must be drafted by a licensed professional / engineer, and have an engineer stamp. Also, if the plan needs revisions you as the client are responsible for the costs of revisions and potentially any additional direct or indirect costs we incur as a result of faulty plans. 

I don’t have a plan yet, but I have a good idea of what I want. Where do we go from here? 

If you think you are ready to move forward on a project but need professional guidance, we can provide consultation services for a fee. A consultation is an experience led conversation with a professional to help you make a buying decision. Typically we will meet with you in your space to talk about your dreams for your project, what will / and will not work. A consultation may be all you need to get your project headed in the right direction. Also, If you decide to move forward with our company, your consultation fee gets deducted from the cost of the project. 

Can you work on my home while I am away? 

Of course we can! In many cases our clients prefer work to be done while they are away. We make the process easy and as stress free as possible. We do this in a number of ways. First and foremost, unlike many contractors, we provide each client with a project portal which allows them to;

We want each client to know where their project is at each stage of the process. The best part? All of this is included at no extra cost to you! 

How do I get started?


The best way to get your project going is to contact us through the portal on our “contact us” page. When you fill out our form, it instantly creates your profile in our job tracking software and our computer assisted drawing software. We are then notified that your profile has been added and a team member will reach out with the next steps. Before you fill out our form, take pictures, measurements, and even provide inspiration pictures you’ve collected so that our conversation can be as productive and detailed as possible! 

Do you provide design/engineering? 

Yes! We are happy to help you work through the process of designing your project, whether it be a kitchen cabinet design complete with renderings, or a new deck design complete with engineered drawings! We work closely with the areas best professionals to bring you plans that will bring your dreams to life! Design prices vary by project. 

Why are your prices higher than some other contractors?

Typically we are not the lowest priced contractor. This is for several reasons but the number one reason is that while other companies may focus on providing the most value to their clients, we focus on providing the highest quality. We believe that carpentry and building in general should be treated with care and precision. We hire the best professionals in the area, pay them well, provide benefits, and we don’t rush them or compromise our process. We believe this is why we have seen such great success over the years. As my grandfather used to say “Skilled work ain’t cheap, and cheap work ain’t skilled”.